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A group of young minds pursuing dreams with passion and dedication

Tim Byun CRO

Tim possess decades of experience in Risk and Compliance. He has served as the Chief Risk Officer at Bitpay for 2 years, the head of Anti-Money Laundering/Anti-Terrorist Financing team of Visa for 5 years, and also the Examining Manager of the Unites States Federal Reserve for over 16 years.

Tim is a leading figure in the field of Risk and Compliance. After realising the immense potential in blockchain technology, he set foot in OKEx in 2016 with a deep sense of yearning to help reforming human's financial structure. His expertise helps to ensure OKEx comply with the ever-increasing governance and regulatory demands. He holds a MBA from University of California, Los Angeles.

Andy Cheung Head of Operations

Andy is an entrepreneur par excellence. The former CEO of Groupon forayed into many sectors throughout his career including P&L management, sales & marketing, operations and people management with astounding success. His leadership, e-commerce insights and marketing expertise has strengthened the culture of innovation and infused immutable quality in business operations.

Andy currently oversees the entire operations, marketing and public relations of OKEx. During his highly successful career, he had served as the CEO and a variety of important roles in Groupon Hong Kong, iClick Interactive and Alibaba. He has numerous awards to his credit, including CRM director of the year, bestowed on him for his outstanding achievements in business.

Jason Lau Vice President of Business Development

Jason leads Business Development at OKEx.

Prior to joining OKEx, Jason spent 9 years in finance, consulting, and technology, having worked at Barclays Capital in Hong Kong, cfx in New York, and his own start-up in California. Jason obtained his MBA from New York University Stern School of Business and his BA in Economics from Brandeis University.

Lennix Lai Financial Market Director

Lennix brought with him with over a decade of experiences in financial industry, specialized on high-frequency trading, DMA (Direct Market Access), asset management, front-to-back trading operation, risk management, and compliance. He now plays a key role in product development, enhancing customer experience and improving the platform.

Prior to joining OKEx, Lennix served in JP Morgan and AIG and was the Responsible Officer of CASH Financial Services Group (00510.HK) who held full accountability on supervising regulatory activities defined by SFC. He managed a team of DMA specialists servicing global hedge funds, HFT, and quantitative CTAs, while also handling relationship with global major exchanges.

Jovan Gavrilovic General Manager

Jovan is currently responsible for operations and strategy in Europe for OKEx. Prior to that, he served as Business Development Manager in Hong Kong where he was responsible for strategic initiatives, partnerships, and business development.

Before joining OKEx, Jovan was involved in blockchain initiatives at SAP's Innovation Center Network in Walldorf, Germany. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Whitworth University, graduating with honours.

Pattaraporn R. Community Manager - Thailand

Pattaraporn is responsible for community building, event managing, digital marketing, and customer experience of OKEx's business in Thailand. Her strong background in local and global marketing experience has helped the company identify more opportunities and expand the global network.

Before joining OKEx, Pattaraporn served as the Business Development Manager of Asia at Bitcomo, where she was responsible for developing client relationships, and content and marketing strategy. Prior to Bitcomo, she held key positions in digital, creative, and communications industries.

Julie Plavnik Community Manager - Russia

Julie is responsible for building relationships and growing our community in Russia. She is also the co-founder of one of the first blockchain popularization platforms in Russia – International Blockchain Consulting Group (IBCG), which is a major international conference and meet-up organizer devoted to blockchain projects.

Being an expert at crowdfunding and token structuring, Julie is currently an active asset tokenization adviser of several IT projects. Prior to joining OKEx, she is the co-founder and head of legal at AKTIVO, the first Russian real estate online crowdfunding platform.

Omar Chakroun Community Manager - Africa and the Middle East

Omar is currently responsible for expanding and promoting the image of OKEx globally with a focus on new emerging markets in Africa and the Middle East to further strengthen OKEx global expansion.

Omar is also working closely to identify and work with potential partners around the world and expand the community of OKEx. With international expertise, he worked previously for DAPPLUS blockchain startup in Tunisia and e-commerce companies in the Philippines. Omar holds an MBE from the University of Tunis.

Ben Sun Community Manager - Taiwan

Leading OKEx's community development in Taiwan, Ben boasts a solid background in marketing and blockchain technology. After receiving a degree in Marketing and Advertising from National Chengchi University, he served at two of the world's largest advertising agencies, McCann and Ogilvy & Mather. Before joining OKEx, Ben was Marketing Manager at CoolBitX, a blockchain startup and crypto hardware wallet maker in Taiwan. His hands-on experience in blockchain and marketing is the drive for our expansion in the region.

Adam Francois Community Manager - Caribbean

Adam is responsible for community management, community expansion and promoting the image of OKEx throughout the Caribbean. He has been in the digital asset industry since 2013 and is very knowledgeable of the current trends all around the world.

Being a communications major, with a BA in Graphic Design and Visual Communications he previously worked at Lonsdale Saatchi and Saatchi, a Caribbean branch of one of the highest rated Advertising Agencies in the world. Adam worked with some of the top brands curating content and creating communications to further their reach in local markets.

Erik Chu Community Manager - Vietnam

Responsible for growing OKEx's community in Vietnam, Erik Chu is a Blockchain expert who has been training and teaching blockchain technology at NIIT Techarena. He is a believer in blockchain and sees that the technology will rise sharply in the coming years and reshape the global financial economy. With a strong passion and profound knowledge, he supports the community development and manages our online and offline presence in Vietnam.

Taras Korostylov Community Manager - Ukraine

Taras is a customer support veteran in the cloud and bloackchain fields. He worked as Technical Support Manager in iConnect, a cloud-based iPad POS system provider from the US, before joining Wirex, the first mobile bitcoin wallet paired with a Visa Debit Card, as Senior Customer Support. After that, he served as Customer Support Team Lead in a blockchain software company Ambisafe, one of the leading multisig wallet providers. Currently, he is also the Customers Support Team Lead of an ICO project, Cryptaur. With extensive experience in blockchain technology and customer relationship management, Taras is taking our community growth in Ukraine to another level.